Smart Interactive Boards

RNG Capital (Pvt) Ltd brings, VB Tech Smart interactive touch display which is best suited for institutes who are looking for interactive presentation or teaching solution without the need of having a projector.

This smart Interactive touch panel combines the features of interactive smart whiteboard, smart TV and projector in a single unit. You can write with your finger-touch or smart pen which is provided with this product.

VB Tech’s smart interactive screen also comes with optional in-built computer (OPS PC module) which makes it self-sufficient and all-in-one presentation solution. This Smart interactive touch board can also be used as Scrum or Kanban board in companies.

Smart interactive touch display has pre-loaded interactive software which comes with several smart features such as smart drawing, shape recognition, content recording, etc. It can also be easily integrated with video conferencing systems and digital signage solutions. Smart interactive screen can be either mounted on wall or on movable stand as per user requirement.

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